High Feed Milling


Worked material

CABE's mold-holder lock material 2738 (similar to p20)

Lubricating oil

Springoil MW400 with concentration 8-10%

Cut's data

Vceff      n         fz         vf

188         5000      0,18      3600     


Seco - balanced




The piece is taken in the clamp in a stable manner, the machine does not have any particular problems to perform this type of work.

At the beginning of trial I decreased slightly advancement usually in use and left unchanged the number of rpm.
After an hour's work, noting that the tool not vibrated and behaved well, I gradually increased and reached a feed as the one used previously (see the parameters shown).
After the first mold the end mill did not show any wear and the workpiece surface is presented as requested.
The end mill has behaved in a excelled way and the coating used was suitable for this type of work.
As you can see in the video the effort is minimal and even on interrupted cuts the tool does not vibrate.


Contact times workpiece in working

  • First mold - about 5 hours material contact: no noisiness or tool wear
  • Second mold - 2 hours at contact: slight noisiness
  • Third mold - 2 hours at contact: little noisiness
  • Fourth mold - 2 hours at contact: noisiness begins to rise
  • Fifth mold - 1 hour at contact: high noisiness due to wear of the end mill - tool change

These latest molds have the same cam.

On average, the end mill has a lifetime of 25-30% more than the competition on equal parameters.
It probably would have lasted longer if I had used more conservative automatic feeds.