We can offer you a considerable economic saving
giving new life to your tools like drills, end mills and taps
or inserts and cusps.


  • accurate inspection and selection one by one of tools that customer sends us
  • evaluation of the processing to be performed to restore tool's functionality
  • marked with customer's identification code
  • compliance with the initial geometry if required
  • application of the suitable coating for the tool's final processing if required
  • individual packaging for each reconditioned tool



Rigeneriamo i vostri utensili di qualsiasi costruttore:
punte, bareni, testine, corpi fresa in genere, cartucce, portainserti ecc.

Meglio rigenerare

  • Gli utensili rigenerati sono garantiti per forma e tolleranze e conservano una resistenza all’usura ottimale
  • Siamo in grado di rigenerare l’utensile indipendentemente dal grado di usura, dal tipo e dall’entità del danno (deve comunque essere presente almeno il 10% della sede inserto)
  • Con una spesa di rigenerazione pari al 40-60% del prezzo dell’utensile nuovo riportiamo l’utensile allo stato originale


A production ofquality

We follow meticulously the production process from the procurement of raw materials to the finished product looking that the quality and accuracy always meet the highest quality standards required by the market.

To ensure all this one to our customers:

  • production and regrinding are performed on five-axis CNC machines
  • the combination with constantly updated software ensures reliability and productivity
  • the use of high-quality grinders and super-filtration plants with entire oil allow to obtain very high quality surface finishes that increase the life of the tool
  • tools are checked on meters and optical measuring machines and CNC profiles that allow the release of auditing reports
  • air-conditioned room at a constant temperature is fundamental for repetitiveness of the tools with amazing tolerances

The production process

  1. evaluation of the processing that the tool must perform
    • choice of the most suitable material for the tool's construction
    • choice of the most suitable geometries
    • choice of the possible coating
  2. tool's designing
  3. production simulation
  4. preparation of the machine tool with checking the equipment used
  1. production of the first piece with several rounds of dimensional inspection
  2. serial production with dimensional verification by internal protocol
  3. visual inspection of each tool product
  4. laser marking identification
  5. external coating
  6. coating quality's verification of each single tool
  7. packaging