Investment in machinery of last generation and training's regular courses
allow Insert's division to produce special tools guaranteed quality.

In our structure there are:
  • 2 CAD workstations specifically dedicated to the design
  • 1 seat CAD-CAM dedicated to the construction's simulations
  • 1 5-axis CNC grinding machine dedicated to resharpening
  • 1 5-axis CNC grinding machine with loader for small series production
  • 2 5-axis CNC grinding machines with loader for series production 24/24 hours
  • 1 grinding center
  • 1 machine to perform onature
  • 1 3D CNC control capable of producing dimensional relationships
  • 1 3D CNC control for micro tools up to 500 magnifications capable of producing dimensional relationships
  • balancing system for balancing spindles - Haymer Tool Dynamic TD 1002
  • 1 automatic center for cutting and chamfering of solid carbide rods


Evaluate the tool in its globality

We evaluate the material to process, the tool's shape, its profile, the construction's cycle, the material used, the coating to be applied: all key variables from which to start.

The experience gained in special tools's construction enables us to pass from the project to the finished tool optimally joining the various needs required for its realization.

Between the project and the construction there is a step further: the simulation. Before producing a new tool we always perform construction's cycle simulation to ensure we meet our customer's needs.


Samples,small quantities,large series

We are able to produce customized tools's small series but also large series thanks to work centers operating 24/24 hours.

In this way we respond to the expectations of both those who must do a little very special production that is not achievable with standard tools of those who must carry out great series, and standard tool does not allow economies in production.


The quality at the first place

To ensure the highest quality we have protocols that provide that:
  • each tool is designed with the aid of specific programs
  • before moving to the construction you run a construction's simulation, and an advanced 3D verification
  • during the construction phase are run dimensional checks with the aid of traditional measuring tools and CNC
  • at the end of the production process, each tool is subjected to a thorough verification of the correct construction
  • on customer's request each tool is equipped with a certificate dimensional
  • before the final packaging, each tool is subjected to a thorough verification of the coating's quality